How to Plan your Spring Cleaning

Winter have just gone. Everyone ready to clean your home. Are you sure, how can make your planning? I will make suggestion for you. It makes easier your cleaning. Also you can call cleaning service company to clean. If you prepare to clean myself then this will be helpful for you, I think. However Now i am starting.
Fast you thinking what is more necessary for you. Make cleaning list as priority basis. Then try to collect all instrument what you need. Instruments means, If needed any chemical, cleaning parts, manpower or anythings. Now start your cleaning adventure :).
You can divided 6 days all your cleaning. That’s more difficult, you start there. How can you divided 6 days???
1st Day:
2nd Day
  • Kitchen washing completely
  • Kitchen Counter top and sanitize
  • Freeze, Micro-oven, freeze coil
  • Kitchen and cooking related all things
3rd Day
  • Washing Toilet 
  • Basin cleaning
  • Change all water filtering, where you need.
  • Medicine Cabinet
  • Replace all burning materials.
  • Cleaning showers taps
4th Days
  • Gardening- you can garden cleaning today
  • Garage washing
5th day
  • All cloth washing
  • curtains washing
  • Bed sheet washing
  • Empty all trash can
  • All things that’s made by synthetic yarn
6th day
  • Clean all baseboards, walls, banisters
  • Clean all electronics products
  • Glass, Mirror cleaning
  • Windows Cleaning
I have try to give you just a idea. You can add or delete with them. When you find anything does not include here, you just include them.
Cleaning Wiz
You can clean your home by myself flow this chart. Also you want to call cleaning service company. You can found them everywhere this world. I will give you just example for professional cleaning service company. This company is Cleaning Wiz. You can call them for cleaning. Also you can many cleaning service tips from their Blog. You can visit it. They situated are Canberra Australia.


Kelly is a fashion designer live at Evansville in Indiana. She loves to write about fashion, home cleaning natural article. Also she like blogging. She has two kids with her husband.

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