Eco-friendly Cleaning Service Tips on How to Prevent Norovirus

Today, viral infections are so rampant in the globe. One of the viruses, named as Norovirus, is currently invading North America. Norovirus is an extremely infectious that can be transferred immediately from an infected person, contaminated food or water, or near infected facade.
Without hesitation, cleaning service companies are looking forward to solutions on how to prevent Norovirus with every client’s household/home . Cleaning Service professionals recommend tips that are eco-friendly and have natural guidelines that include safety cleaning services.
NoroVirus symptom
The best cleaning service companies uplift their values by providing these eco-friendly cleaning service tips, such as the following:
  • Maids and other helping professionals will counsel the younger singles to use proper hand hygiene.Wash the hands with water-based sanitizer, or just water and natural soap will do, before and after feeding time, or changing diapers or after using the toilet. Hand washing is the ultimate activity in order to save lives, and able to prevent from acquiring Norovirus.
  • Cleaning Service Companies have informed their workers to have a safe and clean service, like always maintain purity of the food, which our clients eat. All the food should be washed thoroughly with uncontaminated watercourse. Buy food in the disinfected market, and not in the dirty socks.

NoroVirus symptom

  • Clean and disinfect tainted vicinities, such as comfortable rooms, sink areas, door knobs, floors, dog houses/homes, carports, and more. Professional cleaning service companies maintain the infection-free surroundings by providing an eco-friendly cleaning service. It is safe to use a chlorine bleach solution with a concentration of 1000-5000 PPM (5-25 tablespoon of household bleach [5.25%] per gallon of water). Eco-friendly disinfectant will be an advantage to be able to maintain the cleanliness and at the same time, able to protect the lives of the clients from damaging fragments.
  • Professional Washing of Clothes services must be used Home-made natural laundry detergent , to maintain the pH equilibrium of the clothes towards the skin of the clients. But still, clients will be the ones to decide on what detergent to use. Only, the cleaning service workers will advise and present the eco-friendly detergent with the clients.
Norovirus has no vaccine or even direct solution on how to cure such disease. But the tips that are mentioned above will be the perfect prevention to get rid of it.


Girlyn Arpon

Girlyn Arpon is a guest blogger from Philippines. She stay at home and work for cleaning service company. She specialist as fashion, home cleaning content writer.

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  2. Norovirus has no vaccine or even direct solution on how to cure such disease. But the tips that are mentioned above will be the perfect prevention to get rid of it. It will help us

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