Simple ways of cleaning mattresses

For living healthy we need to use clean and comfortable mattress. In regular basis, we try to wash or clean our mattresses from remove stains, dust, allergies and germs. Our this topic is about some simple ways of your mattress cleaning.
Use baking soda to clean your mattress. It will remove small spots. Take a cup of baking soda with a sifter or fine strike and then use it directly onto your mattress. Keep this an hour to soak up the odors, after that vacuum it up.With baking soda you can mix your favorite essential oil to get fresh smell.
Take 1 cup of white vinegar on the hottest possible setting recommended, with cold water, soak it a cleaning boost agent like OxiClean first, it will help to remove stains from your mattress.
Give your mattress in sunlight. Sometimes gets this outside on the air. It will make fresher your mattress and will keep your mattress clean and germ free. If you cannot take it outside, than take care its cover. Change its cover everyday or regularly two days after.mattress_cleaning
To secure your comfort every six weeks after rotating mattress. From all directions ensure that by rotating  head to foot first, flip over the mattress then rotate it again. Always Check the manufacturer’s suggestion or rotation schedule.
As always, hot water while washing the mattress. It will protect you from any kind of bed bugs that might have invaded. When you are again using this dry it properly.
Use dry vacuuming to clear dust from mattress. Over the vacuum hose place a black cloth and extract about 1 square foot of the mattress. Then you will see the amount of dust on the cloth, dead dust mites and also skin particles.
Don’t use metacity or pesticide to your mattress for removing allergy, because these are poisons and after using these you can feel discomfort to use the mattress.
If you have a child in your home or pet animal, then it is possible that you get urine stains on your mattress sometimes. So, to remove urine stains from your mattress  applies Heavy-Duty Soil Lifter to the stain, prespray with a Preface after that extract with Natural Fiber Cleaner.
At last, remember one thing, that is when you are cleaning your mattress please clean also pillows.


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