Carpet cleaning tips in winter

In winter we need to more care of our carpet cleaning. It is important to clean your carpet in every week, but it’s really very tough to clean carpet properly after one week. Because that time sun rays not available every day. For fog weather always like wet and moist. But have to clean our home properly to keep our self healthy. So, carpet cleaning is an important matter in these days. Today we will discuss shortly how can we keep our carpet clean in a proper way with simple way by our-self.

Removing stains

In maximum time we find out tea or coffee stains on our carpet. These stains are more difficult to remove if it has been olded. Its better to try to remove it very fast, if possible when it happens just do it immediately that time otherwise it will make a permanent stain. Rinse the spot with detergent spotter, it removes the tea or coffee oils from the carpet fiber. For dye stain use tannin spotter. Dye stain will remove by a strong, acid, tannin spotter. At least use a protein spotter to remove any creamer or mild stains from your carpet.Carpet Cleaning in Winter

Vacuuming every day

In winter time vacuuming your carpet every day. If possible vacuum your heavy traffic carpet areas twice in a day. It will keep your home healthy in winter seasons.Also, your carpet will be dust and germ free. If possible, take the time for steam cleaning your carpet in the winter.

Pets urine and odors

If you have pets in your home, then after taking lots of caring, sometimes you suffer about their urine or odors. To remove urine from your carpet, just quickly use the simple vacuum technique plus special boi-enzy cleaners. Or if it is not possible, then just after the matter wash it with clean water.Solve your problem within five minutes.But remember it is not applicable for old urine stains. To remove odors from carpet, when you are cleaning this, use your favorite fragments with detergent. If available you can use vinegar or baking soda for short time removing the odors.

For cleaning carpet

You should follow some simple rules to keep your carpet clean. Firstly, in all your homes, enter ways, set a doormat. You can put a sign as a reminder, that “Please wipe your fee-ties”. And also be sure that all the family members are opening their shoes on the outside of the home, at the door. Keep extra shoes at home for every family member, it will protect your carpet from extra dust and germ. Just follow these simple ways, you can keep your carpet more clean and dry in winter season. Basically, winter season is a dry season than any other season. And do not get enough sun ray’s in winter. If you just simply follow some tricks, then can can prevent the growth of dust and dirt, mold and mildew, and also deep or ugly stains in winter.


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