Nine Household Items Everyone Forgot to Clean Can Causes Skin Infection


Mindfulness is the practice of learning to be totally present. One of the best exercises to develop it is through looking at all the details of your surroundings. It’s when you start to do that in your home that you are going to discover that for all the cleaning you do, you are missing almost 80% of the places where germs and bacteria thrive.

Turning your attention to the details of your home is going to help you know what to clean with an anti-bacterial agent. If it is handled by people, it needs to be cleaned.


Another area to become mindful of are the appliances that contain items. We generally clean the surfaces inside and out, but we forget to clean the parts that are essential to their working -such as the seal around a refrigerator. When you begin to see all the components of what makes a household item work, you start to see where your cleaning really needs to begin.

This infographic provided by Pressure Washer


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