How to Charge for Office Cleaning Services


Are you confused about office cleaning prices? You have run your own office cleaning company. You don’t have any idea about commercial cleaning cost. Don’t worry about it anymore. Read this article carefully. I believe that you will get a good idea about the office cleaning prices.

Office cleaning cost depends on many things like square feet, time, quality etc. When a customer will call you to know office cleaning cost and when you tell him about that, you should tell the pricing chart technically, honestly, competitively and surely with full details.

What to Clean

First of all, you have to know what your customer wants to clean. Ask your client or go to their office to know, what they need to clean. About 50% of the office cleaning cost depends on this communication. Normally, the commercial cleaning cost is $25 to $40 for single time cleaning. This cleaning service may include empty the trash, dusting and light vacuuming. For more service, the office cleaning cost will probably increase to $40 and $65 per visit. This may include one or two bathrooms’ washing toilets, sweeping floor and restocking paper products.

Size of Office

Now the next thing is the size of office. You need to know about the office size and the premises structure for office cleaning prices. Small office cleaning cost is normally lower than large office because to clean large offices a lot of products and equipment are required, but for small offices those are not required. The size of a small office is 1200 to 2000 square feet. On another side, the size of a large office is 2100 square feet or more. For large offices the charge will be given for per square feet. At the lowest rate, the charge begin from $0.50 per square feet. So we can say that the office cleaning prices depend on size deeply.

Given Time for Cleaning

If you want to make commercial cleaning cost, you need to take care about the time. Day time, night time, office time, holiday time and other timing are available for cleaning work. If you have to clean at day time or office time, the office staffs can make disturb for your cleaners. So you can ask for some more charge for it. So you can make your office cleaning cost different because of timing. You can increase your office cleaning cost more for emergency cleaning service.

Quality of Cleaning Service

If you want to give quality service, you probably ask for more charge. Yes, you are not wrong. Many cleaning service companies’ office cleaning prices are low; but their service is not such good. They couldn’t use good products and equipment for low rate. I will suggest you not to do like this. You will put your office cleaning prices accurate and reasonable; use good products and equipment. You should focus on your quality service when you negotiate office cleaning prices with your client.

Competition of Cleaning Cost

Currently in the market, there are many competition in commercial cleaning cost. If you want to make your office cleaning prices list, you need to be aware of your competitor. If you charge a lot than others, it will be hard to collect a client or hard to maintain your quality service. If you charge low, it will be difficult to manage your own bills. I will suggest you to make a perfect office cleaning prices list by asking around at what others are charging.

Offer and Discount

For attracting more clients, make some attractive and reasonable offers. You may also give some discounts to your newcomer clients.

Make some Package

You can do package system for your office cleaning cost. The packages can include what the company will clean, rates, time, quality assurance etc.

After opening an Office Cleaning Service Company, the most confusing and hard work is to settle or make the office cleaning prices. There are many competition in marketplace to fix up commercial cleaning cost. So you should always be tricky and realistic about the office cleaning prices.

Fakir Hashmat Ali

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