Cleaning Products Regulations and How it Changed the Nature of Detergents

This article is going to focus on how products regulations, consumer pressure and environmental issues changed the nature of detergents for the better.

Cleaning products and detergents have certainly seen a lot of changes throughout the years. Ever since the terms “green cleaning” and “environment-aware” were created, perhaps around the 1970s, there has been a shift in ingredients in commercial cleaners and, most of all, detergents. Continue reading

Wood fence maintaining and cleaning tips

If you want to have a wooden fence which always looks good, there are some things you can do. For the installation you can contact and hire professionals but for the cleaning and future maintenance you will have to take care yourself. You will have the chance to enjoy your fence for many years, in case you dedicate enough of your time and efforts to its proper maintenance. There are a lot of things which could ruin the good looks and structure of your fence, so it is important to know what measures you can take to prevent any damages. Continue reading