General knowledge, tips and tricks of carpet cleaning

It is very tough to clean properly, your carpet without basic and clear knowledge about carpet cleaning. Without any research and training it can turn out to be tiring. Our today’s article will help you to gather right and basic knowledge which you required for carpet cleaning. You need to clean your carpet in regular basis. By regular proper vacuuming can remove dust, dirt, stain or energetic problem from your carpet. You should vacuum your carpet in a week for prolonging life of your carpet. Proper vacuuming will be helpful to removal of dirt or dust particles and stain removal.
If your attack by some stains by tea, oil or may be children or pet urine then make sure you won’t rub the affected area in any step, just try to simply blot this with a help of a soft and clean cloth. When you are using a steam cleaner always clean from outer direction to inward direction. By following this instruction you can assure that the affected area is attended. After that, take another clean and soft towel, it will help to blot the area and soak up all the residue of water from your carpet. To assure further that the material has absorbed the entire residue left behind by cleaning agent and water, with small pieces of towels and squash them further with weigh. Sometimes after when the entire area will be dry properly, then take a soft brush to bring its fibers back to normal place.
For deep cleaning your carpet you can follow the rotating shampoo method. Its a most popular basic carpet cleaning method which you can follow at your home easily.It is a process, including rotation of brushes while cleaning solution is injected into the carpet. For deep clean your carpet it is the best method. But before doing this check the quality of your carpet.
And now just for you, some special tips to keep your carpet beauty, clean, germ free and long lasting.
* Never use too much heat on your carpet.It will damage your carpet very fast.
* Before using a carpet cleaning product make sure always it is the right thing for your carpet. Always read the instruction which is given in the logo of carpet.
* When you are using the vacuum to clean your carpet , try to vacuum your whole home to get the most dirt possible.
* Before vacuum your carpet, use baking soda for 30 minutes to sit on your carpet to remove carpet odor.
And, the most important thing, that when you will not be able to manage carpet clean in your home, take help from an expert. Call professional to clean your carpet. Just before that make sure any carpet cleaner is ‘IICRC’  certified.



4 responses to “General knowledge, tips and tricks of carpet cleaning”

  1. Laila Keirstead Avatar

    I usually try and vacuum the whole house up before dealing with the stains. Whenever we are having the carpet cleaning company come out, I tend to do a spot check and spray the areas that are the worst. I also make sure that I mark the areas so the company can take a shot at cleaning the stain out.

  2. Michele Avatar

    I want to clean my carpets soon because I’m redecorating and want a “fresh start” but it has been a while and I wasn’t quite sure what to do. You gave me all the information that I need to know. Very helpful!

    1. Azad Al Amin Avatar

      glad to know it was helpful for you. Thanks for visit us.

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