Easy and Important Tips for Swimming Pool’s Cleaning

When you have a graceful house with marvelous architecture design and with a wonderful garden, you must want a swimming pool inside your house which makes a splash to the visitor of your house. But if your swimming pool is dirty then instead of increasing beauty it will spoil the whole attraction of your house. But is it too hard to keep swimming pool clean? Not at all. You have to just follow some tips for that and the simplest swimming pool cleaning tips.

To do the proper maintenance of your swimming pool you have to know just about three things

Tips to keep water clean:

Pool water usually get dirty by human throwing wastage, air dust, insects, under-ground wastage etc. To remove all these simply use Chlorine water treatment. Then use a vacuum cleaner or any net-cleaner to remove the visible dust. You can change the water daily and put a filter on the entry and outgoing path of the pool. But you have to know about the pool water chemistry. Here is a chart for that (swimming pool chart).


You can simply check it by  Digital Pool Chemistry Tester.  If the chemistry is not okay then simply add some chlorine or decrease some water.

Tips stop growth of algae:

The only cause of growing algae in your swimming pool is your pool water low chlorine level. If the chlorine level is between 1.0 to 3.0 then that is the best level to stop algae growth.

Tips for swimming pool construction:

Your neatness of your swimming pool mainly depends on its construction. If you built your swimming pool beside a tree then it must be dirty by tree leaf but if you have on other option then you must have to take some extra maintenance. Your pool’s under-water ground must be strong enough to carry the water pressure. That’s how your swimming pool cleaning will be so easier.

Some short cut tips:

Here is some short cut tips for you

  1. Put chlorine tablets in a floating chlorine feeder, so that it mixes with the water properly
  2. Add pressure (3lb) weekly at night time
  3. Test the water regularly for pH level (best level of pH 7.2)
  4. Test the chlorine level (best level is 1.0 to 3.0ppm) everyday by your pool water tester
  5. Add algaecide in the morning or in the evening
  6. Test the pool balance at least twice per week
  7. If there is any problem with pool water chemistry chart then, first adjust the alkalinity, then the bromine or chlorine and at last the pH

Use swimming pool cleaning company:

There are many swimming pool cleaning companies based on the locality. They are very expert in pool cleaning and based on your order they also do the maintenance so that your pool looks glossy.

Keep your swimming pool clean and make a better look of your house. If you have a beautiful, neat and clean swimming pool inside your house hen that will be the best attractive part for your house visitors.






2 responses to “Easy and Important Tips for Swimming Pool’s Cleaning”

  1. Drew Avatar

    Great short cuts for cleaning your pool. It’s good to keep up with your pool maintenance to prevent algae and other unwanted things in your water. Thanks for posting!

  2. Brian Koborg Avatar

    Its a very helpful tip, now I know the easy way to clean a swimming pool and its very effective.

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