Wood fence maintaining and cleaning tips

If you want to have a wooden fence which always looks good, there are some things you can do. For the installation you can contact and hire professionals but for the cleaning and future maintenance you will have to take care yourself. You will have the chance to enjoy your fence for many years, in case you dedicate enough of your time and efforts to its proper maintenance. There are a lot of things which could ruin the good looks and structure of your fence, so it is important to know what measures you can take to prevent any damages.

In order to be able to enjoy your fence for longer, you will have to dedicate part of your time to its maintenance. There a lot of useful tips we can offer you, which will help you cope with the biggest problems that usually appear during the process. Needless to say, the cleaning of your fence should be one of your top priorities in case you want to preserve it in good condition for longer. You have to be careful what kind of products you use because most of them contain different strong chemicals that could ruin the structure of the wood. In order to avoid the problems, you can consult with the people at the special store who know best which products will be most suitable for your type of fence. It is not necessary, however, to clean the fence every day. Just make sure that you do it at least every few months. Other useful tips you can find below:

Get pressure-treated posts

This is something you will have to do before the installation of the fence. In case you hire professionals for the job, you can ask them to use pressure-treated wood for the posts. Since they will be put in the ground they will be constantly attacked by different insects, which is why it’s best to have more resistant posts. The moisture could have a negative impact on the wood as well, so make sure that your fence has pressure-treated posts.

Avoid the rotting of the wood

When it comes to wooden fences, the rotting of the material is definitely one of the biggest problems. There is a way to avoid it and save yourself a lot of troubles by simply applying a wood preservative. The effect of the product will be stronger, though, in case you carefully clean the surface of the wood and cover it with mildewcide first . Keep in mind that you have to leave the wood preservative to dry for a day or two.

Keep the sprinklers away from your fence

Some people don’t even notice that their sprinklers are making their wooden fences wet. It doesn’t matter how resistant the wood is when it is constantly exposed to water. To avoid the complications and lower the risk of wood rotting, it is best to keep the sprinklers as far as possible from your fence.

Don’t forget to repaint

The weather conditions will definitely have a negative impact on your fence, so it is a good idea to repaint from time to time. Every few years you can get a gallon of paint and freshen up your wooden fence, which will help you preserve it in good condition. This way you will be able also to erase all dark stains and grime and protect the wood for longer.

Maintaining your wooden fence won’t be so hard for you, if you simply follow the previously mentioned tips. Inspecting the condition of your fence from time to time is the best thing you can do, because it will give you the chance to notice immediately if there is some kind of problem. The regular cleaning and checking of your wooden fence will be more than enough to preserve it for many years.

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