Afterlife Carpet and Fabric Stain Remover Kit

It’s too much problem if you get pet or other stain at your carpet or cloth. you will try to remove this problem. You can easily remove stain from your carpet. you should just use any stain remover. There have many stain remover at market. I will describe one of them.

Pet Stain Remover and Odor Eliminator by Carpet Afterlife

Stain remover of Carpet afterlife is very effective medicine. Professional strength blend of enzymes and natural ingredients to permanently remove dog, cat, bird, and other odors and stains from carpet, upholstery and other surfaces.

Environment friendly:

Afterlife Stain remover is environment friendly cleaning products. You can use this cleaning products without any hesitate. Your pets are totally safe from any side effects of this stain remover. cause there have no ant side effects. So It’s Safe for your children, Safe for the environment.

Permanently Remove Stains:

Afterlife Stain remover safely and  permanently remove all stain and odors. Cause this cleaning products biologically formulated using nature’s own enzymes. This products not only remove all stain and odors from your carpet and clothing, but also It’s discourages pets to return to the same area over and over again!


This is a certified cleaning products. Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) has trusted and approved this cleaning products. Manufacturer given 100% guarantee to remove all stain and odors. They  also guarantee that, you have no any health risk.

Customer review:

There have more than 50 customer review. Most of all them are 5 star above 5. 90% of feedback are 5 star. Total score more than 4.5 out of 5 point.  

Bottle Size and price of stain remover:

Now only have one size of this stain remover. Quantity of this stain remover bottle 32 Ounces. Normal price of this bottle only 24.97$. But if you buy this stain remover from amazon, you can bu it only 12.95$.


Key point of cleaning Product:

✔ Carpet Afterlife’s Bio-enzymatic formula destroy permanently all stain and odors of carpet.  

✔ It’s discourage pet to go same place and thus eliminating your pet’s ability to re-soil the same spots over and over.

✔ This Afterlife Stain remover not for only carpet.  You can use it for all types of fabrics including pet bedding, upholstered furniture, kennels, carriers, and clothing.

✔ It’s totally safe for your family. Your pets, kids and environment also safe from any side effect. .

So why late now? Just hit amazon and order your Carpet Afterlife.  remove all stain from your carpet and make your carpet like new.



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