How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleanner for Pet Hair

With dozens of vacuum cleaners out there to choose from, it can be more than a tad bit difficult to find the best fit for your home. This problem is further exacerbated if you happen to be a pet lover. Since every vacuum cleaner tends to offer varying pros and cons, it may not technically be possible to make perfectly assess all of you options. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t at least make an informed decision and find a vacuum that will provide optimal clean-up and minimize the pet hair on your floors, furniture, and even the seats of your vehicle.

Start by taking an honest inventory of what you look for in such an appliance. What you may not learn from ad copy, reviews, or even consumer reports is that the vacuum qualities which some people find necessary to a proper cleaning experience might actually differ from your personal preferences. While one reviewer may favor a cleaner with multiple attachments, you might find such peripheral tools to be complicated in comparison to a simple design which stands on its own.

You must also consider what you’ll be vacuuming and how often your vacuum will be used. If you own a pet but rarely allow the little critter to ride in a car, then you don’t need to focus too strongly on a vacuum which is known for cleaning car interiors. You similarly do not need to give too much thought to a vacuum’s ability to clean on hard floors if your entire house is carpeted.

In the end, it’s a fair idea to start by looking at vacuums which are considered to be in the top of their class for all-around cleaning and then narrow your search from there. Below are three such devices with somewhat varied qualities that might help to give you an idea of the various desirable attributes that differing models have to offer.
As seen from the above reviews, no vacuum cleaner is perfect no matter how many attachments and technological features come packaged with it. These three products alone represent a mix of vacuums with and without bags that encompass different floor capabilities and touch on all three main types of vacuum cleaner. Obviously, there are some specifics to consider in making your choice whether you are deciding on one of these three or not.

One of the chief complaints with bag-free vacuums is that they can often cause dusty messes when improperly emptied, while bagged models add a bit to the cost of maintaining the product. Canister vacuums can offer the same suction as upright vacuums, as well as increased maneuverability, but they are also somewhat less sturdy.

Perhaps storage is a major issue, in which case the canister vacuum is decidedly the best bet. Maybe your pets don’t shed too often, and you can get away with a handheld model for quick furniture touch-ups.

Whatever the case, you will have options. Before making your decision, always ask yourself three vital questions.
1) Which rooms/areas am I most going to be vacuuming with this device?
2) If the product has attachments which may be affecting the price, am I sure that I am going to use them?
3) Do I need an appliance that will protect my sinuses from dander? If not, is the added odor protection worth a HEPA filter which I will have to clean and possibly even replace?

Your answers to these questions will likely have a great impact on your decision. For larger animals or animals which shed more often, a sturdy upright vacuum that is known for not clogging too easily may be your best bet. For smaller animals or animals that rarely leave hair behind, you might only need a handheld vacuum to surface pet hair along with a cheaper large model for general cleaning (or even none if you have hard floors and don’t mind sweeping). If your needs lie somewhere in between and you’re concerned with price, you might want to go halfway and purchase a canister vacuum. The choice is entirely up to you. Don’t let reviewers decide for you when you know better than anyone what you want and need.

There is no ‘wrong’ choice in vacuum cleaner so long as your decision leaves you happy and able to work easily and efficiently with the product you have purchased. On the off-chance you do wind up feeling that you could have chosen a little better, don’t forget to check the product’s return policy.
Many reviewers are writing from the experience of having owned multiple vacuum cleaners and learning what worked for them. You may have to do the same thing, but it will be rewarding when you experience the refreshing feeling of a clean home in which you and your pets can relax in peace.






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