Get ready for Spring! Check out the DIY cleaning Tips to tackle Chores

Have you noticed that attention to detail, in life and at home, is the thing that really makes a difference? In order to greet spring at home it’s necessary to lose the thick blankets, the dust and dirt gathered over the winter months, and prepare for the upcoming season with joy.

Your oven, fridge, windows, grouts… they all deserve a good deep cleaning at least once a year. My home has seen it all and We’re about to share a dash of handy spring cleaning tips to help you with chores. So do not postpone any further, but turn up the volume, load your favorite playlist, and roll up your sleeves to make things clean!

“Outside In” Spring Cleaning

In order for your spring cleaning to be generally effective, it’s good to act in stages – i.e. from room to a room, paying attention to every single detail. Do not overlook – move furniture in order to clean all hard to reach areas.

  • The first step is to begin with walls.
  • Remove the webs and the dust, that gathered during winter.
  • If there are fingerprints, oily stains and dirt on the walls, you can deal with them with the help of a sponge, soaked in a solution of water and vinegar or water and bleach. The solution, as an added bonus, will reduce the cigarette smoke smell, too.

Learn to Throw Junk Out!

Stick with the tactics “outside in” and pick up all items that occupy the shelves and drawers, especially in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Disinfect the drawers and, before you put back the utensils in their place – wash each one with warm water.

Use the case to revise everything: get rid of the products that are way past their expiry date and the broken and unnecessary objects. This way you won’t get buried with items, whereas your home will be easier to clean and there would be less cleaning confessions for you to hold back.

Goodbye, Dust!

Clean the dust from every book and shelf. Dust out and wash the carpets, the pillows, as well as the thick covers of your couches and armchairs. Look out for clever cleaning hacks or simply book in a professional. When changing the bedsheets of your beds, you can freshen up the mattress with a sponge, soaked in peroxide.

Shiny Windows

Before you start washing the windows, take down the curtains and launder them. You’ll save precious time. Don’t forget to clean the window frames, too. If you happen to have a degreaser under your fingertips, it will do a perfect job for you. Nothing makes windows and mirror surfaces to shine as old newspaper does – a tested medium that has a magical action.

Tiles and grout

The kitchen and the bathroom will most likely take the longest, since they are the easiest to get dirty. Armed with detergent or with warm water and vinegar solution, clean the tiles and the limescale from the shower head. The stubborn dirt gives in to a paste with baking soda and lemon juice, brushed out with an old toothbrush. This homemade detergent is especially effective for preventing the mold growth on grout.

In the Kitchen

There are several appliances to pay attention to, but we will look at the two most important – the fridge and the oven. Fridge’s easy – you’ll just have to turn it off, defrost the freezer and clean the fridge inside out. Take out all the items, throw out the stale products and swipe the walls and shelves of the fridge. Bear in mind that improper attitude can lead to signs of mold exposure..

The oven’s not such an easy-peasy job, especially if you have melted plastic on your racks. But is there really a better time to get down to the oven cleaning than prior to spring? That’s when we feel the most motivated and you’ve got the biggest power surge now, so why not take up one of the most hated chores, too?

In order to do it properly and reach every nook and cranny, you’ll have to detach the oven door from the hinges and clean it well with your favorite oven cleaner solution – be it homemade or store-bought. Aini from Fun Cooking advises to smear the inside of the oven too and soak the stove racks in the same solution. Clog the sink to form a pool of water and cleaning solution, or use a tin container if you have any to fit the racks in.

It sounds like quite the effort, as professionals state so, but don’t despair just yet – you won’t have to do that for another six months!

Doors and Lamps

Disassemble the lampshades and wash every single part. Clean the switches too – they tend to get a lot of smudges and dust. The heater’s radiator is easy to clean – you just need a wet cloth. Use an old toothbrush (what a wonderful and universal cleaning tool, isn’t it) for the hard to reach places.

The Floor’s Turn is Up

You’re almost at the finish line. The only thing left is the floor. Clean the sills and the edges around the walls. Use a floor cleaning solution, but also add a few drops of ammonia or vinegar, in order to degrease and disinfect the surfaces. If you have floor covering, look into carpet cleaning A to Z and keep allergens and dust mites away.

The Very Last Step – the Laundry

Wash the thick covers using a short washing machine program with cold water. When you wash the window drapes, add a tablespoon of baking soda and a few drops of your favorite ethereal oil. This way the whole house will smell as your favorite aroma.

Finally, place some fresh flowers on the window sills and invite spring at home with a good mood and lots of smiles! If our humble dash of advice was not enough, check out what other tips the cleaning experts share and level up your game!

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