7 Easy & Helpful Window Cleaning Tips (DIY )

When it comes to cleaning windows, the risks you are revealing yourself are actually considerable, particularly if you have to mount on a ladder to clean them, so making certain that you take all preventative measure that is a necessity. Permit the windows to get polluted means that not simply will the light be prohibited from coming in other than the outside world will not be bright to be viewed with clearness.

Everybody loves a sparkler plain window, but receiving there is not cool. If it seems that no matter how hard you attempt to have a luminous, line-free window, you are disturbed with smears and smudges, this article is for you.

Although window cleaning is not a hard task, there are some things that you can perform to make sure your windows are as sparkling as feasible. Professionals advise that you clean the outer surface of your windows at the smallest amount of two times a year. Several people decide to do it seasonally.

7 Do-It-Yourself Window Cleaning Tips

Select Good-Quality Tools


It’s good to have a huge bucket that’s broad enough to fit a mop and a squeegee. Four-sided figure buckets work well. Have a look on amazon for your suitable bucket. Bucket buy from Amazon within 7-50$.


Not every squeegee is formed equally. For doing outer surface windows, this is the mainly significant instrument of all. Some trustworthy brands to believe consist of Unger, Sorbo, and Wagtail. All of these present sturdiness and come in a range of sizes. You can buy a Squeeee from Amazon. There have many various quality Squeegee. 


Moreover, called a washer or a rod, a mop consists of a sleeve connected to the last part of a T-bar. When the sleeve gets filthy, you can just get it off and rinse it. Be confident to buy a mop with a sleeve that is about 14 inches long and has excellent water preservation. Check on Amazon for a perfect mop and buy it within 15$ to 100$.

Use Cold Water

Don’t make the error of using hot water it evaporates too rapidly. It’s most excellent to fill a 5-gallon container about the middle with frosty water and then place in a few squirts of washing powder solution. You can also add the cornstarch to your window cleaning solution.

Utilize the scraper

Get the mop soaked and rub the windows to pick up all the dust. Utilize the scraper to eliminate any caked-on dust, insects, etc. Be certain to push the scrapper blade in a frontward motion, not toward the back, as this may perhaps result in scratches.

Squeegee from the Top Down

Though you may not consider it, there is an appropriate method when it comes to using a squeegee. For all time begin with the squeegee at the apex of the window and work in a flat lane. If you slant the squeegee, water will be forced out of the base. Dehydrate the blade through a fresh cloth subsequent to each rub. Be sure that each hit overlaps the other by about 2 inches. Later than you are ended with the window, dry the boundaries with the cloth.

Dust Before You Clean

You can put aside yourself a lot of problems if you clean the windows, sills, and even screens prior to you obtain right to the glass. There’s no logic in leaving all of that unclean and having luminous glass. If essential, you can even vacuum out the sills (particularly if it has been an extended time as you have completed this).

Utilize Woolite to Clean Outside Windows

They can be truly successful at softly cleaning your windows. Utilize it on the windows of the outside of your home for rapid cleaning that you can just rinse away without having to dehydrate or mop clean.

Clean on a Cloudy Day

If you clean on a truly hot and bright day, your disinfectant or soap will be dehydrated too rapidly and leave streaks at the back.






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