Our Team

We are working as a team. Everybody have own responsibility to promote our blog. We have content section, marketing section, publicity section etc. Every sectional head has a success story on their field. Below are descriptions about all. Please take a look.

Al Amin Azad Main Blogger

Al Amin Azad

Al Amin Azad is main blogger of this blog. Basically He is a web Developer. But blogging is his passion. Since Three years, he is working on this area. Now he is running an IT firm named Bondhon IT.

He provides his service last 3 years as a freelancer. Many research firm of USA, Australia taken is service and he made them happy. He has 4 year experience about journalism. As a Business Journalist he served to various popular newspaper of Bangladesh. He is taken MSS Degree from Jagannath University, Dhaka. Also He takes LLB Degree from National University of Bangladesh. Now he is studying in Computer Science at Open University. His Educational Background and working area is totally different. But he enjoys it.

Al Amin Azad loves to learn new thing. He loves writing, reading, blogging, coding, also social networking etc. He is too much cordial and helpful about new learner people.  He take-care marketing of this Blog.

Please contact with him for any advertisement. Try this way to get him: Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest. Also you can visit him Personal Blog.


Fakir Hashmat Ali  Content Editor 

fakir-hasmat-aliHashmat has more than 3 years of writing experience across SEO Friendly writing, academic writing, content writing, technical writing and creative writing.

He graduated from Rajshahi University. He is an M.A. He is a teacher of a college. His teaching subject is ICT. He is also a successful freelancer on upwork, Elance and fiverr. He likes to help people. Writing is his hobby. He is a creative person, love to think and learn. He loves to enjoy life. His favourite word is “Prevention is better than cure”.

He loves to read books. He wants to read and learn more and more. In his boyhood, he likes to fly kites. Football is his favorite game. Everytime, he doesn’t miss a single match of FIFA world cup. Hashmat’s favorite poet is Rabindranath Tagore and Humayan Ahmed. In hot summer days, he likes to swim in the river. His dream is to travel the world.

You can reach him by Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pintarest etc.

Afrin Akter – Director, Social Media Marketing


Afrin Akter has involved with this blog since one year. She work here to spread our blog all over the world. After Joining We changed our social media policy. She lead our social media team as a Director of strategy for Social Media Marketing.

Afrin is a consummate networker. She has a track record for architecting strategies that drive business growth. She spent four years at Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Myspace, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon, Ning, Blog post, blog comment etc helping world-class brands benefit from the social Media platform.

Afrin Akter taken her MA Degree from National University. He loves to shopping, traveling, reading. Also she loves his family gathering. She is live with her family and husband.

She is available in Online. You can reach her by Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.