Privacy Policy

We (owner of this website) are conscious and careful of our website user privacy.   We assure our website user to protect their privacy. This policy depicts how we gather and use your personal information.

This policy is applied for all visitors, users and service takers (collectively called user) of  And it is also applied for any e-service (email) and any other service (offline service). We provide you adequate information so that you can consciously agree to give us your personal information such as name, email address, telephone number, credit card number and expired date during registration. To comply with the law, we defend personal information of our user and client in everywhere we use it.

Age Limit website and its entitled page, information and service are not provided to use for under the age of 18. If you register to take any service of you proclaim that you are 18 years old or above. An under 18 years old have to subscribe through his/her valid guardian. If encounters that during the subscription you are under 18 years old has preserved the right to cancel your subscription.

Information Collection:

We collect and store your personal information (name, email address, telephone number, credit card number and expired date) when you use this website and its service.  We also gather browser IP address, browser information and reference site domain name while browsing this website.  We also collect this information while we provide service through off line means and e-marketing (email). We use these information for our market research, new customer searching, email marketing etc.

After providing your personal information these information is not anonymous to you. If you agree to provide your personal information you allow us to store this information to our server/our vendor server.

Use of Personal Information:

We don’t trade or lease your personal information to others without your valid permission.  We use your information to provide you better service, content and advertisements.  If you do not want to join our advertisement campaign you have to indicate your account.


  • To the website operations
  • To deliver your service and products.
  • To rework the website as per your experience.
  • To implement our terms and conditions.
  • To customize our services, contents and advertisements.
  • To inform you of our online –offline offer, products, service and updates.
  • To scrutinize the trustworthiness of your information.
  • For sending email notification as per your request.

Exposure of Your information:

Responding to legal requirement, we may expose your personal information. To implementing our policy, protect other right, security we also may unveil your personal information. This entire thing must be done under the legal limit. We also provide your information to our valid vendor, police or any other government agency.

Cookies, Spam & Spyware or Spoofing:

We put “cookies” file in your computer hard drive by your browser. By using “cookies” we can identify the account holder and provide him information for better service. We advise you to turn on “cookies” for providing you for a better service. If your browser allows you can discontinue “cookies” .But you may not get some of our service by stopping “cookies”. You may get some third party “cookies” which is not control by us.

We and our user do not accept spam. Please make a proper communication path with you and and we just communicate with you by that way.

Protection of Account:

The key of your account is your password. Please don’t disclose your password. If you unveil your password or personal information to others, keep in mind that you will responsible for all tasks by the name of your account. If your password is missed or unveiled, you account is in your controlled and you may fall any kind of legal difficulty.  If your password is lost by any reason, you should immediately inform to

Uses, Review and Changing of Your Personal Information:

You can view, use and change all of you personal information by Signing in the website. Usually we don’t change account information and it is hard to change your account information to others.  If you have any change or mistake in your account, you can change it.

Third Parties:

If you provide same information to others or any of our readers and if they make any illegal offense, we are not liable for that offense. We do not control any third party privacy policy.


We preserve the right to change this privacy policy or any part of this policy at any time. The new policy will be automatically amended when that will first publish in this website.