Terms & Condition

We have few part. you should maintain all of them. I mention it here.


We appreciate you to visit, read and comments our blog. But never we will allow spam comments. When need comments link, we allow it. So again say, do not spam.

 Guest Post: 

We allow guest post. You can write for us. Article should be cleaning service related. You can write us about cleaning service tips, article, products, etc. If you want to write about commercial cleaning service, no problem, you do it. You can write any thing about cleaning service related. Warning: Never send us a copy pest type article. We will check every article before posting. So careful about copy post.

After finished your article send me by email. off course you mentioned as a subject” Guest Article for Cleaning Service Tips blog”. Other hand we lost your article. We have receive huge mail every day. Normally, if do not find any problem, we will take 24-48 hour to post  article. We reserve right to published or decline any post.

 Link Exchange: 

Also We allow Link exchange. We believe that, We are all for all. So you think, you need to link your site with us, than fast link us to your site. Give us link, where you link this site. After verification we we post your link. Also you send us logo of your site. It take may be 24-48 hours. for sending link please use contact page.

 Site Review:

You can send us any type of cleaning service review post. Normally we accept them. You can review about professional company cleaning service, cleaning product, cleaning service site and many other. But it must be about cleaning service.

Privacy Policy:

At last We want to say, We reserved all power to published and any article, site review, comments, guest post etc, whatever we have. Same Way We reserved the power


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  1. Tim Minette Avatar

    Thank you for allowing us to post on your site . If you need anything from us please feel free to contact us anytime .Thank you.

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